Business Owners
Many businesses will be using VirtulSign to display their daily specials and biggest deals. This has been shown to draw users into a retail location. The user sees an attractive offer, then goes inside to take advantage of that offer. Once inside the store additional sales can result. All from a customer that would not have entered the store without the help of VirtulSign

Meeting Up?

One can use VirtulSign's app to keep track of his or her car, to eliminate hunting their vehicle in a large parking lot. Virtulsign can point out the cars location for quicker access.

Augmented Reality engagement


The VirtulSign app allows users to look at a business and see a description displayed next to it. The user can know what’s in the store or office without having to go inside.  With this app, a user can look down a street and immediately understand what every retail or office location is offering.


Locate Your Car Quickly in a large parking lot.

Have plans to meet with friends? It's often hard to find compatriots in a dense crowd, large festival, concert or sports area. A VirtulSign user can point out his or her location with a virtual sign or tag which can only be seen by other VirtulSign users. This makes finding a friend in a big crowd exceptionally easy, negating the need to hunt for hours or text repeatedly. VirtulSign adds fun and practical advantage to the current virtual reality craze. Clearly millions of users are waiting for it to become available.

VirtulSign is currently in development. If you are interested in learning more about VirtuSign we are currently looking for potential licensees. For more information,

please contact:
New Product Consulting
Melissa Elrod – Lead Marketing Consultant
C: 720-633-6973
F 888-680-4869


Users can also use VirtulSign's app to post reviews or public messages on digital signboards that can only be seen by other VirtulSign users. This gives Internet-style information availability to physical commercial spaces. It appears to consumers as a natural extension of the Web in everyday life. The VirtulSign app is a very exciting possibility for many people. It helps them navigate their city with greater awareness and information. Furthermore, it helps businesses attract new sales while giving consumers the ability to find just the right products and services.